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  • “I just attended a South Suburban Adult Programmer (SSAP) meeting and told everyone how thrilled our patrons were with Jim Gibbons’ presentation... More
  • “Many thanks for an excellent presentation on Eleanor Roosevelt. The Morton Grove Library audience was enthralled with both your slides and detailed narrative... More
  • “I have heard nothing but excellent comments about Jim’s presentations on The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Our Lady of the Angels School Fire... More
  • “You are the best! Not only do I learn so much, you make me smile with your enthusiasm and love for what you do... More
  • “On the behalf of Barrington Area Library, we would like to thank you for an outstanding program on “Our Lady of the Angels Fire”. Our patrons raved about your excellent program... More
  • “Mr. Gibbons, thank you for making history fun and enlightening. My son said that he really enjoyed himself. We had a great conversation about history on our way home from your presentation. If we had more educators like yourself, more students would excel in history...More
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Jim Gibbons provides informative and insightful presentations on past events and people that both educate and enlighten his audiences. Drawing from his research and knowledge of history and present day events he brings to light information that applies to our lives today. He is available to speak to your group on a variety of topics.

His presentation on the Our Lady of the Angels School Fire in Chicago, 1958, was extremely popular in 2012, and remains so. This tragic fire killed 92 children and three nuns. Based on research, personal interviews and passion, Jim explains the details of this event.

Susan Parker, from the Marengo-Union Library, said Gibbons' presentation was riveting. "He gave you the idea that you were a witness, that you were there," Parker said. "You got the feeling of urgency that everyone at the scene must have felt."

book ahead for these 2015 anniversary Dates !



Womens History Month!
The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt
The Life of Amelia Earhart
The Life of Anne Frank (70th anniversary of her death) New 2015
  The Life of General Dwight D. Eisenhower (death was 3/28/1969)

The Life of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (70 year anniversary of his death 4/12) New for 2015
The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln (150 years anniversary of his death 4/14)
Erie Similiarities between JFK and Abraham Lincoln


The Life of President Harry S. Truman (birthday May 8)
World War II VE Day (70 year anniversary of the day Germany surrendered on 5/8!)
Mayor Richard J. Daley (Birthday on May 15. Elected Mayor for over 60 years in 2015) New for 2015
The Erie Similiarities between JFK and Abrahan Lincoln: (May 29 President Kennedy's birthday)
June The Life of Ronald Raegan (died June 5)

New Presentations

New Presentations now available for booking:

"The Buck Stops Here" - The Life of Harry S. Truman
"The Great Communicator"
- The Life of Ronald Reagan
"A Rendezvous with Destiny" - The Life of Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln

and more to come!


Jim will also continue all his popular presentations: John F. Kennedy's assassination - a presentation examining this tragic time in our nation's history. His fascinating comparative look at the "Eerie Similarities between John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln" – draws amazing parallels between these two men and their lives.

Jim's uplifting presentation "Eleanor Roosevelt Overcoming Odds, Achieving Greatness" is an inspiring look at her life and how she became one of the most admired women in American history.

In "Duty, Honor, Country: The Life of Dwight D. Eisenhower" Jim presents the life of the man known as "Ike", a man of wisdom, courage, and vision. We learn through his legacy how to guard against the ever-present dangers that our country faces today.

Jim's presentation on the Our Lady of the Angels School Fire continues to draw crowds and acclaim.

Be sure to check out the presentations page on this site for more details and the calendar to see one of Jim's presentations.

Contact Jim to book a presentation for your library, senior group, school or event. He is available 7 days a week for morning, afternoon and evening presentations!